Created Vault via Cyberduck - bkup-File is missing. A problem?

Hi there,

a experimented with creating vaults directly on a WebDav with Cyberduck. Works great, I just noticed one point. There is no bkup-File.

I already read here that this file is just created “after every successful unlock”. I already unlocked via Cyberduck, but the file is still not there.

Is that causing any problems - e.g. when I download the whole vault which the aim to open it in Cryptomator (standalone)?


(1) Normal vault created by Cryptomator (standalone):

(2) Different vault, created by Cyberduck via WebDav:

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Any help with that? :slight_smile:

When creating a vault in Cyberduck no backup file is created and the missing file should not cause any interoperability issues. You can always duplicate the file to create a copy on your own.

– David