Craft + Cryptomator Problem

I am trying to use Craft & Cryptomator (1.5.15).

Craft offers an Offline Storage feature which I would love to use in conjunction with Cryptomator. Craft lets me choose a a folder in which it will store a workspace. You may know this from other tools like Obsidian or 1Password. When I choose a folder on my Mac it seems to be working without any issues, but when I choose the Cryptomator vault as workspace location some files will get stored with 0 bytes (empty) and thus breaking Craft.

I tried to mount the vault via FUSE and WebDAV but the problem persists.

I use Cryptomator on a daily basis for all kinds of files and use it in conjunction with Obsidian and other tools that directly write into the Cryptomator vault without any issues. Thank you for this tool :heart:
So my first reaction was to contact the Craft support because Cryptomator works flawlessly with my other tools.

The Craft support told me to try a local folder instead and as described before that works. Now I am confused if this is a problem on the Craft-side or the Cryptomator-side.

I already checked the log files but they don’t show any information regarding this issue.

I am a software engineer myself and would love to help debug this in any way possible.

Just curious, why Craft, when you also use Obsidian?