CPU usage (again, but much worse now)

I need to come back to this topic. I run the latest version 1.4.15 on Windows 10/64 with all updates installed. I use WebDav as Dokany cannot sync with FreeFileSync (or the other way round).

Even if absolutely nothing is done by Cryptomator, it used around 50 (fifty!) % of all CPU on a high powered workstation with mighty processors.

What is happening? What can I do?

Thanxx, Mixx

Hi Mixx,

I tried to reproduce that and did this test again with a fresh 1.4.15 /WebDAV installation on a really bad equipped win10pro/64 notebook (i5-4310M, 8RAM)

The result was the same… My CPU Usage with this cryptomator version was nearly permanently 0% within my 1 minute staring at the task manager (now and then there was a 0.x% “peak”). Vault was open.

So, unfortunately I cannot reproduce this and please excuse for asking: are you sure that no other process is accessing the files in your vault, or your vault?

Do you have a maleware protection software installed? It may be possible that it scans this drive, causing a high cpu usage.

Side remark: Since version 1.4.15 you can use Dokany with FreeFileSync, see Mounted Drives hidden from sync program.

NO, I am not sure at all. How would I go about and determine that (that no other process is accessing the files)?

Thanxx, Mixx

I switched to Dokany to see what happens.

Same thing, between 45-50% of CPU.

My Vault is only 1.5GB. If this was a virus checker, it would have to be done after a few hours. Again, this is a workstation, not a PC.

Is there a way to find out, what Cryptomator is doing with that immense computation?

Thanxx, Mixx

Well, I would open my task manager an kill every program/process (except Cryptomator and of course system) that does consume resources or is not really needed. Step by step and always have a look at the Cryptomator usage.
When it suddenly drops, you likely have your app detected.
Most often these are (like @infeo already mentioned): malware protection, anti virus, indexing apps, backup processes, sync processes.

Please don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that you doesn’t need malware protection or antivirus. But there are good ones and there are bad ones. So besides it’s function you can identify the app by excluding them.

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For the technical inclined there is also a less aggressive approach: The programm Handle from the Windows SysInternals Suite can list all processes which operate on a specific directory.


Sorry, I was away.

Thank you infeo, I installed “handle” and found out that indeed one of my Cloud Sync applications (for pCloud) is actually accessing the (encrypted) vault.

It is another matter, why pCloud is doing that for so long. I’ll clarify with pcloud.

But what you might be able to help with: why is that a problem for Cryptomator? Afterall. Pcloud is uploading only (in my setup). I never change the files in the Vault anywhere else.
So why is that such a challenge for Cryptomator? The files do not change!

Also: I just discovered: even if I stop pCloud sync (exit the app, nothing shown in Task Manager), Cryptomator carries on computing (60% of CPU). Now nothing (!) accesses the Vault (as reported by Handle). Still 60%.

Thanxx, Mixx

I am apparently unable to generate interest. But this situation is just carries on 45-60% CPU usage by Cryptomator, even though no matching handles on the Vault, no access to it by anything I can establish. At any rate, there are no changes to the Vault either, so there is nothing to process.

Anyone, please?

Thanxx, Mixx

I really would like to help, but I cannot reproduce this. I have cryptomator installed on 3 machines now, from high performance PC to an outdated notebook. No matter if I use dokany or webdav, mounted drives or not, sync active or not. If I do not touch the files inside a vault cryptomator app does not use the CPU (see above).
So I’m afraid I’m out of support here. Maybe someone else has an Idea.

I once had the strange case that Handle could not list all handles. (see here)

Just to exclude this possiblity, do the following:

  1. Download ProcessExplorer,
  2. start it with admin rights
  3. Open your vault, mount it with Dokany
  4. In Process Explorer, open over the “Find”-Tab “Find Handle or DLL…”.
  5. Enter Path to your vault access point (e.g. Z:\)

Update: some progress with Version 1.5

Hi, the new version helped or my reorg of the what is being synced to cloud services.

I took the opportunity provided by the need to essentially re-create the vault to accommodate the new vaul-format and reorganized my storage. Now Cryptomator is the only background process that writes into the folder where my Vault resides. I tested it as described by infeo: no other process has a handle on the path.

The CPU usage of Cryptomator is ow 12-13% (again, mighty PC).

Is that now OK and needs to be accepted?

I can probably tolerate that, but given that I frequently do not do changes to the Vault the whole day, it still seems to be high and I’d like to know what is being computed that feverishly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanxx, Mixx

Is Cryptomator also causing this CPU usage, if

  • only the main window is shown and no vault selected and no vault unlocked,
  • only the main window is shown and some vault selected and no vault unlocked,
  • Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and no vault unlocked,
  • Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and a vault unlocked ?

I know these are a lot of cases, but it would be awesome if you can test them to see if a certain process of our graphical framework is causing the problem.

Ok, here we go: Cryptomator as it is normally running in the Tray, one vault open

  1. only the main window is shown and no vault selected and no vault unlocked: 12.6%
  2. only the main window is shown and one vault selected and no vault unlocked: 12.5%
  3. only the main window is shown and one vault selected and that vault unlocked: 12.6%
  4. Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and no vault unlocked: 12.4%
  5. Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and one vault unlocked: 12.5%

Vaut closed, Cryptomator restarted, it goes into the tray automatically:

  1. minimized to tray icon and no vault unlocked, main window not opened yet : 0%
  2. only the main window is shown and no vault selected and no vault unlocked: 0%
  3. only the main window is shown and one vault selected and no vault unlocked: 0%
  4. only the main window is shown and one vault selected and that vault unlocked: 0%
  5. Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and no vault unlocked: 0%
  6. Cryptomator is minimized to tray icon and one vault unlocked: 0%

Then I change one file in the Vault (so Cryptomator) actually does something:
I delete a file from vault: 0%
I add a new file to vault: 0%

As you see, closing the vault and exiting Cryptomator solved it (for now).

Nobody will believe me now, but I did this a couple of times already, but it did not help.
And it certainly did not pre V1.5.

But I am a happy camper now.

Thank you for the support.

Thanxx, Mixx

Happiness over :unamused:

After I wrote the message, I sent my PC into hibernation. After a few hours I returned and Cryptomator is merrily consuming 12,6% of CPU again.

BUt I learned something the last time, so I closed the vault, exited Cryptomator, restarted, reopened the vault and… 0% when nothing is happening.

So there definitely is an issue here, hidden somewhere.

Thanxx, Mixx

Ok, thats interesting. Thanks for testing and i’m glad that there is at least a workaround.

A follow up question: Do you always suspend/hibernate your computer or shut it down? The hibernation/wake up might be a possible reason.

About 95% of the time I hibernate and wake the workstation. Booting takes a long time (even though from an SSD drive), as I have a large number of disks and a zillion apps installed, together with a large number of services that run in the background. So I hibernate.

Thanxx, Mixx

It would be worth evaluating if after a shutdown Cryptomator causes a high CPU usage. And if this is the case, a workaround may be writing a small script that restarts the Cryptomator process after hibernation.

Thanks, that’s what I’ll have to do, I guess. The problem ist, I have zero skills to do but but I’ll have to research.

I can confirm now that that is indeed the pattern: When my PC returns from hibernation, Cryptomator goes to 12-13% CPU usage. If I close and restart the client, it goes down to almost 0%, if there is nothing to do (=most of the time).

I go into hibernation again, and when I come back (PC wakes) CM will come up to 12-13% CPU use.

So to fix this by a script, it would have to

  1. start automatically upon return from hibernation (only)
  2. kill the Cryptomator process
  3. restart it
  4. reopen the vault(s) (which is a problem is I don’t want to store the passphrase)

Does anyone have the skills to hammer together a script like that?

Thanxx, Mixx

I too have CPU usage issues. However I don’t even hibernate or put to sleep my laptop.
My 8th gen i7 proc is normally used by your app 0%, but after some time (few hours ?) it goes to 18% and stays at this level.

The app is fully responsive. I didn’t even open the vault (but I have one on my list) - just turned on the app. Any logs, debug info I could share so you could investigate ?

App version 1.5.5 (exe-166)


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