Correct recovery Key with wrong Vault

Hello, I am using 1.5.15 on a Mac.

I tried to recover my password for a vault, but used the recovery key words which were created for another vault. Cryptomator accepted it anyway, but now the vault containers are empty.

How can I get access to my data?

You need to enter the correct recovery key that fits to your vault.

See here: Passwords and Recovery Keys not uniquely paired?

Hello Michael, thank you for your quick reply.

How can I reverse this now? I delete the masterkey.cryptomator and replace it with the previous masterkey.cryptomator.xxxxxx.bkup ?

You can, but that’s not necessary. Just enter the correct recovery key. This will recreate a „suitable“ Masterkey file.

The Masterkey file is useless without the password. So if you lost your password, enter the recovery key and set a new password. This will create a new Masterkey file that fits to your vault, and your new password.

I don’t have the recovery key. I was just surprised when the recovery key of the other vault was accepted, but than the vaults were empty.

If you lost your password and your recovery key, there’s no way to decrypt your files again.

If you enter a wrong recovery key, the system accept it because it will create a new Masterkey file. But this new Masterkey file and new password will not match the encryption of your existing vault files, and so your vault appears empty as the files in your vault cannot be decrypted.

Okay, but if I use the backups it will work again if I remember the password?

Yes. That’s correct.