Copying files (size greater than 100MB?) error

Hi all,
I am using Crytomator for nearly 1 year. So far so good. But I found a strange error a while a go.

When I copy a file (size greater than 100MB, sometimes even greater that 50MB or near), it will not copy and stuck at the “Copying …” stage, the whole system will hang. The only solution is to force shutdown the whole computer and restart. Repeat for the same file? Usually, it will have the same error.

But occasionally, this error won’t happen. This makes me careful to choose what to store on Cryptomator encrypted folders. Small files, such as a few MBs, or 10-20MBs are OK, usually.

Any one can share some idea about that?

My system: MacMini M1 2020, MacOs Sonoma; Cryptomator 1.11.0 (dmg-4970), Volume Type: FUSE-T.

Thanks and regards,