Copy files from PC to Vault Slow?

When i drag/drop a video for (Filesize 2gb) it takes about 2 minutes before it starts to transfer. After that it actually starts to upload with full speed.
Is that normal ?
Any better way to add video files faster from PC ?

No that seems not normal. It should be way faster.
Wich volume type are you using? Does switching it solve the problem?

Sorry, i am new to this.
What do you mean volume type ? I have mounted the Vault to my desktop , Virtual Drive FUSE

Then you are using FUSE. That’s ok.
Anything suspicious in the log file that might explain the delay you are experiencing?

No , not what i can see.
My vault is on Google Drive. Maybe thats why ?

That should not matter, because cryptomator does generate the files on your local system. It does not sync. So I can’t see why the storage provider should cause a delay when creating the files. They should be created without any delay that you can notice. Just as fast as you copy files on your system.

I am running out of ideas what might cause your problem.