Constraint in using google suite apps while using cryptomator

Hi all,

I’ve been using Cryptomator for awhile now and never really had any issues accessing documents as I would access them locally and if using docs it would open Microsoft Office.

The problem with using Microsoft Office and not having Onedrive enabled (I like to keep it clean and just use google drive) it doesn’t let you use autosave. I had a problem where I lost about a days worth of work because I didn’t manually click save.

This can be avoided by using Google suite apps, however they only let you access those files from cryptomator if you then drag the file unencrypted into google drive so it will open in g docs, g sheets etc. This means whenever I try open a doc in my normal cryptomator vault I can’t, and need to drag it into google drive un encrypted which defies the whole point.

Is there anyway around this? I’m assuming you can perhaps unencrypt from the vault for the time you use it and it should open normally? then re-encrypt? That means I get all the features (like auto save) while using g suite apps and the benefit of cryptomator encryption.

Hoping someone has found a solution to this or can provide some guidance.

Thank you.