Consequence of using Cryptomator 1.5.17 on Winsows 8.1

I have been using Boxcryptor free version for the last 4 years and finally decided to make a switch to Cryptomator. As I am still on Windows 8.1, I understand Cryptomator 1.4.x is the right version to go for, but it seems like I was able to install v1.5.17 without any issues, didn’t even need a workaround mentioned here.

From what I read in this thread, it seems like running v1.5.x on Win8.1 is ok and the container format is not backward compatible with v1.4.x.

My question is what would be the reason for anyone on Win8.1 to NOT use v1.5.x. Would there be any reliability issue?

PS: A big thank you to the team who brought this fantastic app to life :slight_smile: