Connecting drive failed - Virtual volume dis-mounts randomly

I’m on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (latest version) I get errors like, “File does not exist” and when I check Cryptomator GUI, it shows the drive as mounted.

Bash shell:> mount -a

Reveals the volume is not longer mounted. I have to go into GUI, select Eject -->Mount

Sometimes the GUI shows the error “Connecting Drive failed” even when the drive is mounted.

Seems to only happen when I have a file open with vim (ver. 8.1) text editor.

Which version of cryptomator do you use? On High Sierra it is a known bug using WebDAV that the vaults can unmount under load. (see the issue on github)

Version 1.3.2 of Crytomator.

Since I use the vault only for plaintext markdown files, there really is no load on the vault.
I can confirm that it only seems to happen when opening files using Vim (ver 8.1) from the command line. Maybe something to do with the way Vim uses .swp and .swo recovery files. Very strange.

I’ve update to Cryptomator-1.4.0-beta2 following reading issue 434 which I’ve updated.

So far, all is well using FUSE file system.

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