Congratulations Boxcryptor & Dropbox! – We Are Here to Stay

You may have heard that Boxcryptor’s IP technology has been acquired by Dropbox. Congratulations to both companies and we wish them all the best for the future! 🎉

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yep… 3 years Boxcryptor-Customer … it took me almost a week to decrypt all files.

R.i.P. Boxcryptor - enjoy your lots of mony from Dropbox-Aquisition… f*** you for the effort that thousands of customers now have to change … .:frowning:

And now running Cryptomator to encrypt with new hope … but lessons learnt: we can’t trust the far future… there will be no software that can promise to still run in a few decades… let’s see how long I’ll be using this :slight_smile: … by now I’m satisfied … I only miss features like 2FA and “link to real cloud-file” …

Greetings from Germany

To be acquired by a company is one more argument for using open source. By the way, any software regarding security must be open source to be able to review it for possible security risks.

Busy with my own business so i didn’t comment for sometime.

i have posted many post that ctmt is a SB,
yet i have to say after their recommendation of using fuse/winfsp instead of webdav/dokany, it looks a little bit stable (webdav is slow and limit files < 4GB, for dokany i cant even open and close the vault; btw, cppcryptfs use dokany is fxxxxing stable but it’s less cross platform)

2nd thing about samba share,
i found that if i mount ctmt vault to say j:/ctmt, and then share the whole j:, i could assess the files thru UNC like \localhost\(share-name)\ctmt;
in that way all files could be accessed thru UNC path and NEVER change.
(btw, videos are not readable… due to the players, but simple .txt etc could be read/write directly)

in summary, ctmt sucks someway, but tgt with cppcfs, these are the ONLY TWO options for foss, file based encryption. and cppcfs looks like is less cross platform. that’s the reality.

yes, i use boxcryptor’s free a/c (almost wanna buy their service last month) and i am figuring out how to recover some files… sxxx.
i have to do that before 2023 jan 31… sxxx