Confirm 1.4.15 is the Right Version To Open an Older Vault Backup (04/18/20)

I discovered that my current backup file has lots of folders that are empty. I looked at some prior backups and it is the same with the same empty folders. I decided to go out to the cloud and download a file from over a year ago so I could do a compare. Since the current vault has changed to a new format I downloaded version 1.4.15 x64 from github. I actually operate a x86 but it appears there is only one windows version. I uninstalled my current version, rebooted my pc, and installed 1.4.15. I proceeded to open the vault and it did not prompt me to convert so I thought all was good. However, when it opened it is missing at least 20+ folders and the size is only 74gb. The actual vault I pointed to open is 432gb.

Is 1.4.15 the right version to go back to open an older vault (dated 04/18/2020)? Is there something else I need to do to open the older vault as the size of 432gb is pretty close to my current vault size.

Thanks for your help.

I did not get a response as to whether 1.4.15 was the right version so I decided to try the current version and convert the vault to the most recent operating version. I received an “unexpected error.”

org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.InvalidOldFilenameException: Can’t base32-decode ‘234=====’ in file G:\DA BACKUP CONVERTED 041820\PB Restore Download 041820\Backup DA\d\2D\7agjc7fdfpjpbsvtogbnksn6qk6y32\pd5ruinrbpdlsqz2wpt65qhenwb5xs5strmuzxvfzyeawysnqdlh7cjjgptsfrojea56opihphi2lhlfh7et34nvaillmds4mnt6czo234======
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.FilePathMigration.getDecodedCiphertext(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.FilePathMigration.getNewInflatedName(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.FilePathMigration.migrate(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.MigratingVisitor.postVisitDirectory(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.MigratingVisitor.postVisitDirectory(
at java.base/java.nio.file.Files.walkFileTree(Unknown Source)
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.Version7Migrator.migrateFileNames(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.Version7Migrator.migrate(
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.Migrators.migrate(
at org.cryptomator.ui.migration.MigrationRunController.lambda$migrate$2(
at org.cryptomator.ui.common.Tasks$
at javafx.concurrent.Task$
at java.base/ Source)
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source)
at java.base/ Source)
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at java.base/ Source)
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException:$DecodingException: Invalid input length 3
at org.cryptomator.cryptofs.migration.v7.FilePathMigration.getDecodedCiphertext(
… 17 more
Caused by:$DecodingException: Invalid input length 3
… 18 more

I am not sure which is worse, getting a partial list of folders using version 1.14.15 or the new version of 1.5.13. As shared above, I don’t see an x86 version so it downloads a x64 version. Not sure that has anything to do with it?

Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I decided to check and I have the following when I check the properties. I was going by the folder names in C:\Windows which had (x86) in the name so I thought I had x86. Not sure why I have 2 C:\programs folder one of which has (x86) but Cryptomator is in the folder without x86.
|Device name| MASKED OUT
|Processor|AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor 4.00 GHz|
|Installed RAM|64.0 GB|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|

Yes, 1.4.15 is the most recent version to open vaults of vault format version 6 (i.e. pre 1.5.0 update). The vault format version can be found inside the `masterjey.cryptomator" file of the vault.

This might be also the reason, why the migration fails. The migration does not fix an already broken vault. If you still have a backup of the old vault, you can use the sanitizer tool to fix problems:

I tried a completely different vault as I suspected the earlier vault was just the limited number of folders. I downloaded another vault and I am using 1.5.8 and I got another ugly message. I looked in the masterkey.cryptomnator.xxxxxxx.bkup and the last line reads “version”: 6. What older version of Cyptomator do I need to downloand an install to get this newly downloaded vault converted? Also, are there any special instructions or steps I should follow to uninstall version 1.5.8 and the new version you will advise to use?

Much thanks in advanc.e

Ah, shite.

THIS IS WRONG. 1.14.15 can unlock vaults of format 6. I’m really sorry for this mistake. Editet my post above.

To avoid confusion here: Vaults created with a Cryptomator version below 1.5.x need to be migrated. The migration itself can be done with Cryptomator 1.5.x (we integrated a user workflow for this). But the vault needs to be intact.

The first error you posted might have a solution. For more info, read: