Completely deleting a vault

On IOS I create a vault. I add a folder to the vault to make sure everything is working. I delete the folder. I remove the vault from Cryptomator. I delete the vault folder.

I try to recreate the vault (same name, same location)
Cryptomator tells me the vault still exists. Only deleting and reloading Cryptomator app causes it to forget the vault.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried to reproduce that but can’t. Works for me as you expect it.
Are you sure that you have deleted the folder in your storage that is named after your vault?
If yes, which storage do you use? (I tested with iCloud)

Yes to deleting folder in storage. I’m using Google Drive.

Can you give the exact sequence you’re using.


What I did:

  1. create vault
  2. open vault, create folders and files in it
  3. deleted vault from app´s vault list
  4. opened iOS files app and deleted vault folder
  5. go back to cryptomator
  6. create vault with same vault name in same location (works fine)
  7. step 2-4

Just did the same thing with Google drive and ran into the same issue as you. So it looks like this issue is related to googledrive.

Edit: restarting the app did solve this for me.

I really appreciate the help. I even tried emptying the Google drive trash. Didn’t help any. The only thing left I can think of to try is to let some time pass after deleting the folders/files in case google needs some time to clear caches and otherwise settle. If not I guess I’m looking for a new cloud storage provider.

Thanks for the effort.


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You’re welcome.
One thing that might help in your case is not only to restart the cryptomator app, but also force a restart of the files app. I experienced some error messages in my last tries that there’s a problem with the communication to other helper processes. I could not reproduce that, but this was an error from the files app right after the deletion of the vault files.
But of course, this is not how it’s intended to work.
A view days ago I had serious issues with OneDrive.
Seems to me the integration of storage provider besides iCloud in iOS files app is not the best one. (But I have to admit that these problems are very rare compared how often I use it. But never had any issues with iCloud)