Compatibility with kdrive

Hello world,
Is a compatibility with kdrive ( could be considered ?
Thank you

kdrive offers a WebDAV interface, therefore it is already “integrated” :wink:

You can read in our docs how to connect to WebDAV based cloud providers.

Can you please check, is the URL to access your vault, right?

My credentials of kdrive are not valid on this url. I will check if there another ones to write.
My question is about the third services inthe android app, in Settings > Cloud services. There are a few services, is it possible to add others ?

Do you have 2FA enabled? If two-step authentication is activated, generate an application password here:

It’s a huge amount of effort to implement a new cloud connection (if they support it at all) with a lot of potential bugs that means if a cloud provider does support WebDAV there’s mainly no reason to not use the WebDAV connection. But we’ll better assist in setting up a WebDAV connection in the future:

Thank you for your answers. I will check the webdav solution :slight_smile: