Coming from Boxcryptor with Dropbox -

When storing files and folders encrypted in Dropbox, in Boxcryptor I could see folder structure and filenames when accessing it directly (not unlocked).

In Cryptomater I see just some random folder / file structure. This is the expected behavior, right?
It’s even safer as nobody could access even the file names and see what is inside (if I am not mistaken)

Not tested yet, I hope I’ll be able to access the content directly from within Finder. With Boxcryptor I had Boxcryptor in auto-start. It just runs in the background and I could just access the “vault” via sidebar in Finder. I just dragged & dropped the entire folder of the vault to the sidebar. Hope this will work as well with Cryptomater as it’s a convenient way of accessing all the data


Your not. That’s why Files and folder names are obfuscated. Think about a file or folder where you keep your insurance documents and the folder is named after your insurance company. This is an information that you might want to hide. Not only what’s actually in the file.

You can configure Cryptomator to auto start and Auto Unlock your vault. So you will have automatically a virtual drive in finder on system start up, where you can place your files for encryption.

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Thanks a lot for confirming and explaining

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