Cloud Provider has Path length limit

Unfortunately, upon migration Cryptomator changed all the names of the encrypted files / folders, which is not a problem per se. But some of the new paths are to long for windows and my cloud service client ( I saw up to 274 chars). Is there any way to avoid that?

It took some time to fixe that, since I’m not too experienced with such stuff. First I tried to move my vault to a different and shorter vault base path but that was problematic too. Just copying the files and tell the cloud service client to use the new directory did not work since it only accepts empty ones.
Second try; the client allows to move the current directroy somewhere else but again it complained about to long paths so that did not work either.

Finally I saved the original file names that were to long in a txt file, removed the last chars so the overall path was short enough and than used the clients integrated move function. After moving was done I had to restore the original file names again. That again had to happen via shell since the WindowsExplorer still does not support extended path length even if it is activeted.

Luckily there were only three files affacted. This is not the nicest way but was the only one I figured out to work. My current path for the vault is “F:\IONOS HiDrive\T”. That was the shortest possible since the client insists on “IONOS HiDrive” as folder name. And still I have one path which is 252 chars in total. I hope Cryptomator won’t create longer ones when the vault grows. I read about that Cryptomator automatically limits path length of the encrypted files and folders to 220 or so but that seems not really enough. Would it be possible to set that length based on the vaults base path?

I hope I could make clear what my issues have been.

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We have a bug report/feature-request for this on our issue tracker: