Cloud only version vs downloaded copy on Mac/iOS client

Hey all:

I have a quick question about the difference in file storage in Cryptomator between the desktop and the mobile versions.

On iOS, once I unlock my vault and go into the Files app to access it, I can select whether I would like the file downloaded and stored on the iPhone, or offloaded into iCloud.

So far so good, but on the MacOS version, it seems that I can only have it downloaded to the hard drive, and not have an offloaded version.

Is this simply due to the way that the Mac desktop version of Cryptomator handles the drive, by mounting it as a network drive? If there’s no workaround, that’s fine, I just wanted to confirm that was how Cryptomator handles the files in the desktop version.

I did notice that if I go into the Cryptomator folder directly in finder, without unlocking it and mounting it via the Cryptomator UI first, that I can select the files to remove the downloaded version. However, once I do so, they are no longer visible in the Cryptomator drive once I mount it again. This is to be expected I suppose, but I did want to share what I have tried already.

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Yes, see Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications?

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Thanks Infeo! I appreciate your quick response and the link you provided! I’m marking the thread as solved.