Clicking once on a file inside a vault automatically modifies its “Last modified” date

Hi, I’m on Windows 7, Cryptomator 1.4.6 using Dokany.

Cryptomator shows a strange behaviour. Each time I click once on a file inside a vault, the file’s last modified date changes to that moment. Without even opening the file…

Any idea about that ?

I can’t really reproduce this… There is really not a lot to test here rather than unlocking a vault and click on a file. I tested this on Windows 10.
Maybe you have some background application like a security application (malware protection and so on…) installed?

It also happens after I deactivated my anti-virus/anti-malware application.

I now use 1.4.9 and it still happens.
But strangely it for example doesn’t happen when I click on a PDF or a TXT file. But if I click a DOCX, XLSX, PPTX or a picture (TIF, JPG etc.) it happens…

I also tried to reproduce this, but couldn’t.
Even with the named file types, only clicking once does not change the date.
I opened these files and closed them. Also no change of the timestamp.
Only after i had changed the file, the timestamp name changed.
So I also assume that a third program is causing the timestamp change.