CLI commands with Version 1.3.3 "Ignoring attempt to add vault with invalid path:" Ubuntu

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is that possible that CLI do not work on Ubuntu since Version 1.3.3? The option --vault $VAULT_NAME=$VAULT_PATH do not work. There is a error message whatever i try (“myVault” is the name of the vault and the path to masterkey.cryptomator is /home/user/vault/myVault/):

–vault myVault=/home/user/vault/myVault
–vault myVault=/home/user/vault
–vault myVault=/home/user/vault/myVault/masterkey.cryptomator

Nothing works. The error message is the same “Ignoring attempt to add vault with invalid path:”. Whats is the right syntax?

Where can i find CLI commands and options, examples and explanations?

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ist da draußen jemand? Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen? Gibt es noch die Konsolen commands? Und wenn ja, wie sehen die aus, um einen Tresor mit Kommandozeilen zu öffnen? Am besten anhand eines Beispiels in Linux.

So you’ve already read the example here?

Your example could look like this then:

java -jar cryptomator-cli-0.3.1.jar --vault myVault=/home/user/vault/myVault --password myVault=<password> --bind --port 8080
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That’s not a godd example.

Whats’s “myVault”? Is that a keyword (like the keyword in password) or the vaultname? The exapmle is not a good example. Another clearly example would help me.
The error message apperas, no matter what i try. Its always: “Invald path”

Your example is wrong. The right syntax to open the vault is :
-jar /usr/share/java/cryptomator/Cryptomator-1.3.2.jar --vault /home/user/vault

and not “myVault=/home/user/vault/myVault”

With this syntax the field “password” with the right vault appear. But i did not find the right syntax, to fill in the password automatically.

Anyone any idea?