Chronosync with Fuse problem

Hello, although I had fuse installed, I guess I had not set the preference to use it instead of Webdav. I’m using chronosync for my backup in Mac Monterey 12.6.2. Webdav creates a, “localhost” location in Mac finder which makes it possible for me to do a direct Chronosync 10.3.2 backup to other folders. When I realized that it was suggested to use Fuse instead of Webdav, I made the switch in preferences and set it to fuse instead. Fuse does not seem to have a location listed in finder that I can use to program Chronosync to do a backup. It therefore appears that I’m not able to use Chronosync with Fuse, because I can not identify a specific location to set as the source of the backup in Chronosync. I therefore had to reselect WebDAV as the Virtual Drive. WebDAV does seem to work well, and apparently I’ve been doing it that way for quite a while. Using Cryptomator V.1.6.17.

I’m wondering first, if there is a way to get a location in finder for Mac for the opened vault when using Fuse, and second is it really important to use Fuse as opposed to Webdav?

Thanks very much for your help.