Choosing the right cloud storage

Hi all,

I would like to use cryptomator in combination with a cloud file storage. Is there any advantage on using the preselectable providers (like Google drive) over another provider with webdav support?

Hi and welcome.
In theory, there should be no disadvantages.
In practice, however, it turns out that online storage providers sometimes offer no or only a very unreliable WebDAV connection. (various reports here on the board)
Furthermore, WebDAV interfaces are often configured with size restrictions. Also a 2-factor authentication is often not compatible with a WebDAV connection, I read here from time to time on the board.
I myself use Cryptomator via WebDAV to my web hoster (FTP storage) and have no problems with it (it is even better performing than OneDrive and Google).
In short: a general recommendation is difficult, because the quality of the WebDAV integration depends very much on the provider. If you want it to be as simple, comfortable and stable as possible, I recommend you to use one of the mentioned preselectable providers, for which the connection is made via their API, and not WebDAV.

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Thanks very much for this explanation! I will monitor the connection speed for some time until committing to a provider.
Besides: shouldn’t 2FA be irrelevant if I use cryptomator?

one has nothing to do with the other. 2FA increases access security. Cryptomator increases data privacy. You should always enable 2FA where available.