Chinese font on Cryptomator UI is shown rectangle

Recently I wanted a encrypted tool with my cloud storage tool Nutstore in China, after some investigations, I decided to try Cryptomator, I downloaded the exe installer and installed it step by step, finally I start the application, the presented window depressed me, picture as below:

as you see, all chinese font is shown rectangle, then I want change the UI language to English, but even the setting panel is full of rectangles, I can not identify which option can change language , then I click every inputbox to find which can display a choices list of different language, but none.

at last , I find some information in this forum, I should modify the Cryptomator\app\Cryptomator.cfg file in the installed path, add -Duser.language=en to change language, now Cryptomator shows well in English.
I think some config like language should move to setting panel, which make Cryptomator more user friendly, in addtion, how to fix the chinese fonts shown rectangles ? Is there a similar JVM options to specify the font for UI?
my system is win 10 20H2, Cryptomator version is 1.5.10

Hey, secret11!

I’m sorry that you have trouble with using Cryptomator. I added your problem to the Bugtracker and will look into it as soon as possible. See there for updates.

~ JaniruTec