Check resource type - CRITICAL - Node ....c9r of unknown type

Resource type integrity check revealed about 80 files in a single folder with this message
CRITICAL - Node …\d\A6\F7…==.c9r of unknown type.

Looks like (most if not all) are empty folders in Explorer. Should I delete it?

Now I have 10 empty folders more (90). Is there any way to tell how the real files are called? Any idea, how this could happen at all? Should be the main folder of the vault on OneDrive.
I’m using Fuse on Windows if that matters.

This is an indicator for incomplete synchronization. The empty directories should actually contain some files like dir.c9r, symlink.c9r or name.c9r (see also in our docs the security architecture section).
You can delete the folders, but i don’t know what OneDrive will do if it finds a non-empty dir on some other device.

So basically something was lost. Any way to find out what or which folder/files exactly were lost?
Is there a risk if one does nothing and ignores this error seeing that I am not very sure how exactly to delete the content of the error

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