Changing vault name on android app renames the directory

If I rename a vault in the pc application, it doesn’t change anything about the directory (that’s good).

But if I change a vault name on the Android app, it renames the directory where the data is stored on the cloud. That in turn makes the vault unavailable on pc until I go in and set it up to the new directory name.

I’d think that the pc and android applications should both have the same behavior when renaming a vault (preferably not renaming the directory in the process).

I’m not sure if this was already identified. I see there is a related item
Optionally set alias for a vault name #300
which I think might solve the problem. But if that is all that’s tracking this, the maybe it should be classified as something more like a bug (unexpected behavior) rather than a feature request? I’m just throwing that out there for consideration (I’m not sure how these things are tracked). This behavior is not a problem for me now that I know what to expect, but it was surprising in the beginning.

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