ChaCha-Poly for a place aes

hello community cryptomator please tell me why it is used aes and her ChaCha-Poly?

That’s like asking: Why does your car burn gas? Because it was (and still is) the available technology at the time we decided for a cipher.

Vault format 8 (to be introduced in 1.6.0) allows new cipher configurations to be added. At first, we will add AES-GCM as a replacement for AES-CTR-then-HMAC.

Maybe ChaCha20 will be the next alternative. It mostly depends on device- and library support.

Can’t wait for 1.6 then :slight_smile:
My personal preference would be twofish/threefish but obviously you can’t please all of us.
Just give us a choice :wink:

Thanks for your hard work anyway.

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