Can't Use Vault because my file manager doesn't want to connect to it

Hi there I am currently can’t open a vault because my file manager refuses to open the directory.

Here is a video of what I recieve (needed to upload it somewhere because Github doesn’t allow video types)

OS: Kali Linux (KDE)
Cryptomater Version: 1.3.2
Can’t because it doesn’t show on the .Cryptomator folder

Can you help me?

OK, It’s been like 2 weeks since I posted this and NO ONE did not repond to me of how the frick can I fix this issue.

Easy there, sometimes one does not know how to help and sometimes one does not have the time.

Which file manager do you use?
Cryptomator makes your vault accesible over the WebDAV protocol. The URL pointing to your vault uses as default the dav: scheme, but some file mangers does not accept this. In the general settings dialog you can change this scheme and see if this works.