Can't unmount drive

When a cryptomator vault has been mounted for hours (usually after a long time of no activity), the drive letter is there, but it’s not really mounted. If I lock the vault, the drive letter remains there. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to get rid of the drive letter so I can unlock the vault again unless I reboot. I experienced this a lot on Friday (2019-02-15) and again today on Monday. My colleague in another city, working from the same network share is experiencing the same thing.

We’re both using the Cryptomator v 1.4.4 on Windows 10 Pro.

Can you detect anything suspicious in the log file?
I have my vault mounted all the time the pc is running (mostly without any action on it because its only for backup purposes).
I never had the issue you are describing.
But my vault is not on a Network share.
Perhaps this is the cause.
But if cryptomator has difficulties on unmounting, there should be something in the log file.
(Debug mode on would also help to have more detailed info in the log file)

I’ll check the logs next time it happens. It does appear that when using a vault on a network share, many problems occur.