Can't unlock cryptomator after recent upgrade due to fuse issue?

I’m trying to read through the posts but getting a little lost, I can’t seem to unlock my cryptomator vault on ventura any longer after recent update?

And not exactly sure how to get access back to vault to unlock it.

It pops up a server message but I can’t login.

I believe this has something to do with fuse, but I’m not really sure how to rectify, Cryptomator has always just worked for me in the past.

Hi. Anything suspicious in the log file? A WARN or ERROR message maybe?

To you use FUSE-T or macfuse?

Hi Michael,

  • Error Code 4VHF:Q9JM:I1GP (when set to fuse)
    • I didn’t even think I installed fuse this time, but everything was working last week before I updated.
    • Perhaps I need to install brew and then Fuse T?
    • I would do a fresh install of fuse but looks like their issues with this approach moving forward?
  • Error Code JNLA:D3RT:ED3P (when set to webdav Apple Script)
    • Pop-up
      • Do you want to send your name and password in a way that is insecure?
      • The URL provided uses an unsecured method for network communication. To use a secure connection, you must use a server that supports SSL.
      • Clicking connect makes the error.
  • Webdav set to HTTP address sends me to a blank local host

Apologies, the issue has been resolved. I read through the related Github discussions posts again and had to go into my system preferences and manually update MacFuse, restart Cryptomator and now have access.

Although from what I’ve read, this may not be a long term solution and may have to switch to Fuse T.