Can't seem to find how to backup seed phrase to vault in iOS app

I tried to find in on the settings, is it not there yet?

If you mean the recovery key, then no. You can see it only in the desktop app.

So how do I back it up to other phone or devices?

You can transfer the vault to your desktop and follow the instructions to get the recovery key - Password And Recovery Key — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation.

PS: Follow the steps below if your vault is too big or you don’t wish to transfer all your files.

  • Create a directory on your PC (let’s name it TempVault)
  • Create a second directory named d inside directory TempVault.
  • Copy the masterkey.cryptomator and vault.cryptomator from your real vault in directory TempVault.
  • Now, directory TempVault can be used as your real vault to get the recovery key.

Tested on Cryptomator for Linux v1.9.0 (AppImage)

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