Can't save the password on Linux


I can neither save the password of a vault, nor unlock it automatically on startup because both checkboxes are grayed out. Is this a bug or simply not implemented on Linux? (Tried on Fedora 27 with the RPM provided on the download page)

How do I mount vaults automatically?
Probleme mit Cryptomator unter Debian 9 und KDE

This is currently not implemented. We may have found someone working on this but it’s too soon to tell. We’ll update the GitHub issue when we have news.


Thanks for the info; I subscribed to the GitHub issue.


I also use Linux (manjaro) and just save my cryptomator passwords in a password manager. The one I like best is ‘KeePassXC’.


I had planned to use Cryptomator with Insync. Very happy when I discovered it had cross platform support, dismayed to now learn it does not offer seamless encryption, as every time we log in to Linux we would also have to then enter our password and start Cryptomator.

Please implement save password and auto-start for linux - will donate whenever this is working.