Can't open .RTF files or save changes to .DOC or .DOCX files on Android

Taking this app for a test drive. Main purpose for me is accessing links to client websites and passwords to log in to them. I have dozens of rich text format (.RTF) files on my Windows computer that I store this information in, one file per client. I use rtf format because I can just tap a link in the file and it launches the browser. Also can highlight text with colour and perform other helpful formatting. Can’t do that with a .txt. file and .rtf files are WAY smaller than .doc files (which also allow you to tap a link to launch the browser).

All of these files are OneDrive and I can access them on the desktop or on the phone, but they are currently not encrypted. Policy dictates I have to encrypt.

This is what I have noticed when I access them in Android via Cryptomator:

  1. If I store them in a text file, I can view the files and save edits in place. Cannot hot link.
  2. If I store them in a doc or docx files, I can view them and hot link, but cannot save edits (in place, wants to store them on Google Drive or on the device) and the files become hugely bloated.
  3. If I store them in an RTF file, I cannot even open the file. Cryptomator on Android tells me to copy the file to the device (forget that) or download an app to view the file with. It does not recognize that Word is on the device and can open .rtf files.

What I really want, is to be able to use .rtf files, for Cryptomator to recognize that Word will open them, and to allow editing and saving in place.

If I cannot get that, my next request would be for Cryptomator to allow Word to save edits in place.

Any chance of either of the above becoming a reality any time soon?

By the way, on Windows, there are no issues at all. Program works like a champ, love it!