Can't open files in iOS (17.4.1) App


I’ve faced this issue numerous times where I can load up the Files app and see the list of files in my vault but when I try to open any of them I get the following error message: " Couldn’t communicate with a helper application." .

Here is my setup:

  • Webdav connection on QNAP NAS with SSL enforced.
  • Certificate is valid and active.

I never experienced any issues with the desktop client. Also to note, I’m a former Boxcryptor user and I never experience any issues with their app with the same setup.

It seems that the Files app may have something to do with it. It only works when I delete both Cryptomator and Files app from my device and reinstall. Works for couple of days and again the same issue comes up.

Please let me know what other information you’d need and thank you in advanced for your help.