Cant open file by klick on it under Linux KDE

Hello all,
I use opensuse Tumbleweed with KDE. The app image installs fine and the software runs.
But if I now open my container and want to open any file from there, the associated program starts but closes again immediately. The workaround is to start the program and then drag the file into it or open the file with the open dialog.
Under the desktop environment gnome and xfce it works to open the file by clicking on it. Anybody have an idea?

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Are you using the Dolphin File Browser? There was an issue with it when opened from inside the app:

Yes, I´m using Dolphin, but this issue is closed and I have the problem with the Version of cryptomator 1.6.3
It is right, that I can open files when I navigate in dolphin to the vault and open the file. But when cryptomator open the dolphin instance I still can´t open files directly.

I installed Krusader and I can see the following.
If I open an instance of Krusader via cryptomator, I can neither click on the file nor open the files via “open with”.
But if I use the internal functions of Krusader (F3) to view the files, then the corresponding standard program opens without problems.

The issue was closed because user reported that it is fixed. And we never fixed anything on our side, so it is likely that the issue can still persist. If i find some time to test it and recreate your problem, i’ll reopen the issue.

But unfortunately there won’t be a fixed on our side in the near future. The Cryptomator (or better the used framework) just calls the default file browser app, i really don’t know why this is a difference for dolphin.

I tested with nautilus on KDE desktop enviroment and I can open every file directly from nautilus.
I think it is “problem” from dolphin. I will started a post/thread in KDE forum and will contact the developers fro dolphin.

@kenarso If you have opened a thread there and/or an ticket on the dolphin dev tracker is opened, can you link those? It would be interesting what their opinion is :slightly_smiling_face: