Can't download directly to the vault

Hi. I have a problem With downloading directly to the cryptomator vault. I can’t seem to directly download a file to my cryptomator vault. It only Works if I download it to the download folder on my laptop, but as this is a sensitive file, this is something I have to avoid.

I have an HP laptop With Windows 10. And I also use Microsoft edge as my browser. Does anybody what I could do?

Thank you for Your help.

I tried to do the same and also have issues when downloading a file with the edge browser into the vault. With Firefox or Chrome it works.

I think this is related to the additional security scan the edge browser performs. It might be that the system cannot find the vault /accept it as a real location and therefore fails. The downloaded artifact (its name is made of the downloaded file and some random strings at the end) still remains in the vault. A simple rename of this artifact should do the trick here. But of course a it would be cool, if files could directly be downloaded including a security scan.