Can't create new files on Vault inside OneDrive

I’ve been using a Vault folder and synced to an external disk (manually), and the cloud (automatically, using MEGAsync). Recently I’ve moved from MEGAsync to OneDrive, and I can reveal the drive, rename files and delete them but not create new ones.

The error I get using Windows Explorer is as seen in the screenshot (example trying to add “MEGASyncSetup64.exe”). It works when using the backed up version from the external drive. Do I need to configure a setting?

Help is appreciated. I would be happy to provide more information or debug logs.

Update: this also happens outside OneDrive folder, also tried both with WinFsp and WebDAV. No solution yet.

Does that folder/vault actually have a previous version of the file? If so, it seems like a normal response.

Is it happening with files coming from the downloads directory and going into the vault that you are sure don’t exist in the vault? And in this case you still get that error message?

Do you have backups of your Vault or Vault files?
If you know that you have all of the data outside of the vault somewhere then you can always create a new vault and put all the files back and the problem will probably at that point be gone.

It might be worth also just creating a new vault so that it’s a clean vault and then copy all of the files out of the existing vault into that new vault and then try and add additional files and you might find that the problem is gone because there was perhaps some corruption in the vault somewhere that gets resolved when you create a new one.

@alepulver You might be affected by the following Cryptomator 1.11.0 issue:

A fix is on the way, the current workaround is to downgrade to 1.10.1

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I’ve tried 1.10.1 and it still happens. The Vault doesn’t have a previous version of the file, I haven’t tried creating a new one but when copying the Vault to an external disk and mounting it works.