Cannot update because installer/uninstaller does not work

The message I get is dat there is an instance of Cryptomater running and it therefore cannot install an updat. REPAIR also does not work for the same reason. UNINSTALL also does not work for the same reason. PLEASE HELP.

How about closing the app and then install? :thinking:

Also does not work. Already did that. zomputer restart also does not work.

Please check in taskmanager if a Cryptomator process is running. If yes, end the task.

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A fresh install of a newly downloade Cryptomator seemed to work. Have not tryed if the uninstall works. But I am happy your advice seems to work.

Thanks, also good idea.

If someone else reads this thread: For version 1.6.8 for a short time a buggy exe installer blocking itself (see Cryptomator-1.6.8-x64.exe installation error · Issue #2144 · cryptomator/cryptomator · GitHub) could be downloaded, but it was replaced. If you experience this issue, just redownload the exe installer.