Cannot unlock vault on IOS

I am on IOS 13.3.1 with the latest IOS Cryptomator 1.4.3 (666) and I cannot unlock my vault. There is no problem on MacOS with Cryptomator 1.4.16 (1447).
Thanks for responses.

Hi and welcome.
Where is you vault located? Any error messages?

Thank you for you fast response.
My vault is on Google Drive. There is no error message, the input form vibrates (shakes) only.
When I create a vault on IOS I can open it on IOS and on my Mac.

@tobihagemann anything other than a wrong password triggering the shake animation?

The shake animation definitely can only mean that the password did not match. Do you use any special characters in your password that might cause a discrepancy between different input methods?

I have changed the password for a “abcd” and the result was the same. If I create a vault on IOS it works on IOS and the Mac.