Cannot recover my fault

Hi all!

I’ve been saving important data in an .rtf file in my Dropbox (I’m using a 2022 Macbook Pro with Ventura).

Today, my Macbook crashed when editing the file; afterwards, I could no longer open the file because it was “corrupted”. So I got my external hard drive and restored the relevant Dropbox folder that was hosting the .rtf file, hoping that I could thereby recover the .rtf in question.

Problem: After recovering the (encrypted) folder, I can no longer decrypt it with Cryptomater. Cryptomater says it “couldn’t find a vault under this path” – even though I didn’t change the relevant folder name when recovering the backup.

The relevant folder is -/Dropbox/Notes – the same name that I used before recovering the backup –, but Cryptomater no longer seems to recgonize it.

Can anyone please help me with that? It’d be horrible if I lost all that data in the file :frowning:

Please are sure you have a complete vault available. That means a folder with a vault.cryptomator and a masterkey.cryptomator file in it, and a subfolder d that contains the encrypted data in lots of subfolders.
If one of these files or the folder d is missing, cryptomator will not recognise this as a vault.

See here: Security Architecture — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

Thanks for the response!

I only have a file and the sub-folder d inside the relevant folder. Can the data be revored using the .bkup file?