Cannot open more than 3 vaults in macOS

I am using Cryptomator 1.4.17 on my imac with macOS Catalina 10.15.1

When I try to open more than 3 vaults, they do not show up in the finder. Furthermore, I cannot lock the vault afterwards.

I am using the “Open on start” option. maybe, that is why.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi. I assume you are using fuse.
Maybe this helps: OSX Cryptomator fuse only allows three mountpoints

Dear Michael, thank you for the reply.

yes, I am using FUSE. However, I am not sure if I understand: is this a limitation of FUSE or a bug? Is there any workaround?

I have the latest version of FUSE installed 3.10.4 (this is at least, what is displayed).

No, Cryptomator has no limitations regarding the amount of vaults. (and there is no Limitation on the fuse side as this is only the filesystem)

Im Running out of ideas. Can you provide a log file (please mask any personal informations from the log)

It is a bug that need to be fixed in a library we’re using:

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