Cannot delete files on mac

I added a few files on my windows machine but then was not able to delete them from my mac. I received an error -8062 cannot delete files
“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8062).”

However, I was able to delete them on windows so I’m guessing its a problem with the mac Cryptomator?

Update: I cannot delete any files from Cryptomator on either of my macs, whether the file was created in Windows or on the Mac. Definitely seems like a bug of some sort.

I am also able to delete the files using my ipad and iphone, so its definitely an issue with the Mac alone

I did find one other reference to this in the forum here but it was old and there was no solution

Does anyone have any idea?

Update: I switched from Fuse to Webdav and now its all working OK

So it has something to do with Fuse not working properly