Cannot create new files after 1st owncloud sync


I am using cryptomator v1.12.0 and obtained a weird behavior when the vault is sync on a myowncloud server:

  1. create a new vault and store it on myowncloud
  2. unlock the vault
  3. create a folder inside the vault
  4. myowncloud sync the folder
  5. i cannot add any document/folder at the vault’s root and get the error “element cannot be found”
    In the log file I got: [Thread-34] WARN o.c.cryptofs.CryptoPathMapper - Did not find valid content inside of C:\Users\jeank\ownCloud - test\d\BH\UYLKUMN6GQGBCGJDUSDWCWKDXJYPC5\DxkGysIoKkaboPX38kJgWVqYB3zc-3qWYJ1apOK5eA==.c9r

Tried a local vault and worked like a charm so I guess it is something related to the sync process.
Have you any idea to fix this?