Cannot Connect to OneDrive for Business/SharePoint

In the Cryptomator iOS app, when I go to Cloud Services in the Settings and sign into my business OneDrive account, it only connects to my personal folders. I’ve been trying everything I can think of for the better part of a year to get this app to connect to my Team folders. I have Mountain Duck on my computer but I really need mobile access to these folders while I’m on the go, hence the Cryptomator app. Searching this site, Reddit, and the rest of the web for any information about setting it up with WebDav has been completely useless. At this point, I’ll try anything. Has anyone ever gotten their business OneDrive to show up in this app or gotten WebDav to work?

Teams is not supported so far. And Microsoft has not yet integrated OneDrive for business into teams (or vice versa) completely. Therefore you can connect to OneDrive for business, but not „Teams-area“ of it. Only your personal files.