Cannot choose account on authentication page (GDrive)

I am trying to add an exisiting vault located on my personal account’s GDrive. When I click the + button, the app redirects me to the Google Sign in page. Problem: it’s the page for my GSuite work account, I am already shown as signed in, and it displays an “Access Blocked: Authorization Error”. Obviously my work account does not authorize Cryptomator. Which is fine, I don’t want to add a vault from that account.
The problem is, there is no option to sign out / change account on that page. Just an error with 0 options to do anything else than cancel. I’ve tried logging out of all other Google apps and browsers, basically every place where I logged in as my work account. I’ve also removed my work account from the quick list of accounts everywhere… to no avail. I always end up on this “authorization error” page. Is there a way I can get redirected to a clean, empty auth page?