Cannot add new vault to Google Drive

Hello I was able to create a new vault on Windows 10 in a custom location. However after that is complete, I try to add to google drive but I get an error to try another folder:

I saw some tips to create a shortcut of that vault, but that does not apply. I tried creating a new vault as a google drive vault with the default google drive location, it’s the same result. Is it no longer working with google drive? Or am I missing a step here?



Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Is “I:” the place where you access your file in the vault (your virtual drive, see red frame in the screenshot), or is this the place where you stored your vault (the encrypted vault files, see blue frame in screenshot).

If its the first one (red frame) then this is wrong. You do not want to share this with an online storage.
Please make sure to add your vault storage path (blue frame) to your google sync client to sync these files, including the vault root folder, in my screenshot the folder “DOC”.

Yes your advice has worked, I used the I:\ which was the address to the virtual drive, so no wonder it didn’t work. I changed it to the encrypted vault folder.
Edit: Now my question is do i put files via the virtual drive or the encrypted vault folder? I connected google drive to encrypted vault folder / regular path, but I don’t think it’s encrypted since the virtual drive has nothing inside it… when I just put files into the regular path / original encrypted vault folder. Please advise.
Edit2: Actually I think I got it now. I have to drag and drop into the virtual drive. Otherwise nothing is encrypted. Thanks!

Please dont to anything with the encrypted vault files (blue frame). Only the app is supposed to place files in here. You allways put your files in the virtual drive. To make it super clear. If you put (unencrypted) files in the vault folder (blue frame), they will not be encrypted, and they will be synced with your online storage. You want to avoid this.

This might interest you: Cryptomator Tutorial: Get Started - YouTube

And please: do your backups ;). The files in your vault should have at least one copy anywhere else. Just in case…

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