Cannot access vaults using free IOS cryptomator

Hi all,

I created vaults by using Win10 on Magenta Cloud using WebDav.
I can access the files via Win10. I can find the files uaing the IOS Cryptomator app (free version. However, I can not open it (see screenshot).

Any help is appreciated.



assumeing you vault is “TestCryptomator”, then the selected folder “TestCryptomator/1” is wrong, and also the PDF shouldnt be there because in the folder “Testcryptomator” only encrypted files should be stored. Because this is the folder that is synced with your cloud storage.

Please check your vault files (the encrypted ones, not the files IN your vault). In the folder “YourVaultName” theres a subfolder “d” and a file “masterkey.cryptomator” and a file “vault.cryptomator” (and some other bkup files). the masterkey file or the vault file should be selected to add your existing vault to cryptomator app.

in IOS, dont forget to enable cryptomator as location in files app to actually access your vaults on iOS.

Hi Michael,

thankx a lot for the hint! Until last week I used Bxcryptr (for years) which is a little bit more comfortable. Therefore I was used to create folders.

However, I got it and it works fine!

Happy New Year!


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