Can we have a truly portable version of Cryptomator that runs directly from USB?

I know that the unofficial portable version of Cryptomator exists through Portapps. But the problem I face is that if I run Cryptomator portable from a USB into a Windows computer that never had normal Cryptomator (with WinFSP) installed, the portable app is not able to open a newly created/existing vault, giving away error: GH1B:GH1B:1U7O while doing so.

I thought there was a problem in portable version, but now that I uninstalled WinFSP, not even the normal app is able to create/open a vault and gives same error.

I was searching for a true alternative to SanDisk PrivateAccess (formerly SanDisk SecureAccess) software and came across Cryptomator, and especially Cryptomator Portable version. But if it still requires WinFSP, it would be sad to see the use case not matching up to create a true alternative.

If I were looking to run an encrypted container completely from a portable USB storage device, I’d be looking at using VeraCrypt instead of Cryptomator.