Can unlock vault but can't click on files to open them in Manjaro KDE using Dolphin and FUSE

I’m using Cryptomator 1.5.13 and updated Manjaro KDE.

I can unlock and see the files just fine. If I click on a file to open it nothing happens or a small icon shows and then disappears. Happens on X11 and Wayland. I only get this behaviour in unlocked vaults not other folders on the system.

If I go to a piece of software that can open the files and browse to the vault I can still open the file just fine. Just seems to be a problem with launching a file by clicking from the FUSE drive?

Any ideas? was working fine until recently.

Edit: I can also click on files fine using Nautilus to launch them. Seems to be a Dolphin file manager specific issue with unlocked vaults.

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This is a known bug, see

Any progress can be found in the regarding issue.

But good to know that this only happens with Dolphin! Might be a clue that the issue lies in its implementation.