Can’t open OneDrive Vault on iPhone

I’ve been having this issue for awhile- even though the masterkey file is in there, when I try to open the vault on my iPhone it just says “opening vault” and spins in a circle forever until my phone locks, or if I keep it open, it’ll do it for 5 minutes or until I give up… The google and Dropbox vaults don’t have this issue.

Two causes I’ve thought of: the OneDrive vault is much bigger, a few gigs as opposed to less than one for the others. Also, I don’t see the “m” folder in my OneDrive folder because I accidentally must have moved things around during a deduplication process, though I’m 99% sure it was happening before that happened and don’t think it is related. Anyone heard of this?

Im using OneDrive on iPhone as well and don’t experience this issue. My vault is actually about 80GB. If the m folder is missing, all the Meta data of the files is missing. Sounds to me that this is why the app does not finish to show the file names.