Can’t open OneDrive Vault on android

Hello here is situation:

Vault was generated on Win 10 and is stored in OneDrive

other Win 10 clients can opten vault without problem

but on Android phones (S7 Edge, oneplus 8 tested)
vault does not open.

If i choose the masterkey file on my phone, vault will be added to list, but without location.
If i try to open vault, is shows please wait and nothing happens for a long time.

I can create a vualt on my phone, and this is working on Win 10 as well.

What could be the problem?

Hey and welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:!

Is the vault name and path empty?

If so, the problem is, that the masterkey file is in the root of OneDrive and not in the folder with the name of the vault. The Android app doesn’t handle this case well. A workaround would be to move the d folder, the masterkey files and optionally the m folder in a new created folder. After that unlocking the vault should work as expected.

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Thanks a lot,

that was the reason.

Now its work as aspected.

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