Can´t delete files in vault

I have some disfunctional files (e.g. pdf´s that can´t be opened) that I also can´t delete from vault.

What can I do to get rid of them?


He, funny just facing the same, having files that are shown but when wanting to move (actually sync) or delete, FreeFileSync and also win explorer say they can’t find these files.
Not sure what it is, whether a freefilesync issue or a cryptomator one or a combo of both.
I have some weired files like Thumbs.db[square dot]encryptable where [square dot] is a kind of squared bullet that I don’t know how to type on the keyboard.
But also like you, some pdf files. Common to all my files is that squared bullet in the filename… But i never added this square bullet myself…

Using Win11, cryptomator 1.8.0 with WinFSP Local Drive.