Can old version 1.4.15 work with WinFsp?


I have an old 1.4.15 installation which worked with WebDAV until now. WinFsp was never installed on this system. I wanted to use it with WinFsp if possible while I manually migrate the files to a 1.6.17 version vault. Is this old 1.4.15 installation compatible with winFsp and if yes how can I install it?

The reason I am asking is because I run some long-file-name/path tests on the latest 1.6.17 version and I noticed that when reaching/exceeding the windows path limit files start disappearing when using WebDAV (until the path is shortened below the limit again) while they don’t do that with WinFsp. So I wanted to check and manually migrate these old vault files using WinFsp instead of WebDAV in case I already have any invisible files when I view them using WebDAV.

Thank you

Hi.No. Min 1.5.9
See here: WinFSP: How to use it

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